I will be posting more on GitHub than on this page in the future. As I intend to be sharing more actual code than I have done in the past, GitHub is a much better fit than a blog. GitHub is ideal for sharing code along with a small write-up. I will be focusing on very small projects tackling well-defined problems. The code I share will always try to minimize dependencies and will for the most part be in C++.

Some recent GitHub repositories that might be of interest:

  • PPM image IO – Convenient image format that does not bother with compression. Files can be opened in Photoshop; what more can you ask? This is a single-header C++ implementation of the PPM image format.
  • Poisson Disk Sampling – A single-header C++ implementation of the paper “Fast Poisson Disk Sampling in Arbitrary Dimensions” published by Robert Bridson in 2007.

The goal is to add a note to this page whenever I publish something interesting on GitHub.


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