First, please note that this project does not express any political views whatsoever. Posterization is an art-form with the power to transform images into aesthetic renderings geared towards a particular message, often using few colors for printing purposes. I have taken the impressive style used in the 2008 Obama-campaign and applied it to a picture of myself. The procedure is well described in this tutorial. A lot of manual work is required and it is non-trivial to achieve the professional look produced for the presidential campaign. Also, some of the procedures described in the abovementioned tutorial are needlessly complicated. For instance, I have found that using a combination of blurring and median-filtering on the different threshold levels, followed by manual tweaking, is an intuitive way of shaping the final product. Also, this allows much more efficient use of the live-tracing capabilities of Adobe Illustrator, which eliminates the most time-consuming part of the process, namely the path-tracing. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create the different image levels and the following path tracing.


Download vectorized version [.pdf]


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